Transition Logistics

Here are logistical suggestions and important information for the two-transition (Rattlesnake Bar State Park at Folsom Lake and American River Canyon Overlook) triathlon event.

At registration you will be given two bags, one for your wetsuit and T1 gear and one for your running shoes and T2 gear. Please label them with your race number for easy identification. Consider using your own backpack/duffle bag at T1 to more easily identify your stuff when you pick it up at T2 after you finish but it must have your name or number attached to it.  Also label your wet suit with name and phone number! Just in case.  T1 is a CLEAN transition, you need to take the time to stuff ALL your gear including your wet suit,  towel, goggles, caps, etc and trash that you have created,  anything that belongs to you into your transition bag. Things not in a bag will be piled into a lost and found bag for you to have to search through later.  All of your gear from T1, swim venue, will be transported to the Overlook,  and waiting for you at T2. Please do not leave it up to the volunteers to decide if it belongs to bib # 42 or bib # 175, we want to do our best to get all of  your things back to T2 together for you.   Please do your best to be responsible.

Race Day

NOTE: You can not register race day, but you if you are registered and were not able to pick up your race packet on Saturday, there is late check in is at Rattlesnake Bar State Park , T1, from 5:30-6:45 a.m. You still will need to have your USAT card and Photo ID to pick up your packet and bring correct change or check ($15,00made out to USAT if buying a one day license) If you are coming directly to the lake and not to T2, realize that you will need your shoes at the Overlook for the run!

  1. Set your bike-to-run transition area at the American River Canyon Overlook.You can also set your transition area Saturday, leaving your shoes in your T2 bag, protected from the elements at your chosen spot.
  2. Get to T1 Rattlesnake Bar State Park, Folsom Lake via Auburn-Folsom Rd.
    1. Riding Down This is an easy 6.5 mile bike ride from the Overlook and is almost entirely a descent.  Note the route we recommend is not the bike course backwards but the most efficient and easiest route to T1 to follow.   This is a great warmup for your body on race morning. Bring a backpack to transport your wetsuit and all T1 items safely.  Be sure to have a flashlight.  AND LEAVE YOUR RUNNING SHOES AT T2.  (you would be surprised how many athletes have to carry their shoes back up with them on their bike leg of the race).
    2. Get dropped off You may also get dropped off by support crew at road barricade 3/4 mile from swim venue,
    3.  Park down by the lake in the designated areas.  But please be aware that you will need to get yourself back to your car after your race,  there is no shuttle. Also your fans that park down there will not be able to exit  the lake until five minutes after final cyclist is out of the park, to ensure their safe passage onto the route. View the Easiest Route from T2 to T1 on MapMyRide.
  3. T1 at Rattlesnake Bar will close at 6:50 a.m. sharp! This will be highly enforced as we do not want anybody setting up their transition or riding down the road to T1 while racers are coming out of the water or are riding up the road following their swim.
  4. Have a great and safe race!

T1 to T2 on MapMyRide