Spectator Tips

Spectator Tips

With a little strategic planning, you can ensure an exciting and fun-filled day of spectating. The following tips will allow you to see plenty of action, visibly show support to your athlete at numerous spots on the course and also get in some sightseeing and other entertainment options during the down time.


Swim Start /Finish – Rattlesnake Bar Park

The swim venue of Rattlesnake Bar is about 7 miles from the American River Canyon Overlook, T2/Finish Line. The road out of the park will be closed to autos from race start until the final cyclist leaves the park (6:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.)


Sprint/Olympic/Half Iron Runners

  • Lewis St & Orange St: Click here
  • Great place to see outbound runners and the second loop of the Half Iron participants run
  • Short walk to finish line
  • Parking for finish line: Click Here

Olympic/Half Iron Runners

Overlook Park: Click Here

  • Good spot to see the Olympic participants once and the Half participants twice
  • Parking at the overlook is easy and a quick walk to the street for viewing and cheering


  • T2/Finish Line Parking: Click Here
  • Finish line and Transition #2 are adjacent to each other at Lincoln Way & High St
  • Lincoln Way & High St: Click Here
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