2017 Auburn Triathlon Training Day

Clinic & Course Preview Dates: TBA

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Pre-swim tips with Boost Swimming
Pre-swim tips with Boost Swimming

The Auburn Triathlon Training Day is an annual tradition where registered participants from beginner to advanced (non-registered folks may join, too!) can become familiar with their chosen race course,  meet fellow competitors, ask questions, get in open water (perhaps for the first time of the year), test out the swim course and ease anxieties.  Additionally, participants can ride and run the courses to know what to expect and build their confidence. This is a great opportunity to check out your gearing,  your nutrition,  your clothing. Make it a dress rehearsal.

Includes an Open Water Swim Clinic

Boost SwimmingThere will be a Mini Open Water Swim Clinic hosted by Jeff Pearson and Chris Stehula of Boost Swimming.  Boost was very well received last year providing wonderful open water swim tips for those less familiar with swimming in open water and also great swim tips to those even more experienced.  You are guaranteed to learn something from Jeff and Chris.

Boost Swimming is committed to helping swimmers and triathletes of all ages and abilities to achieve their athletic goals. Their professional coaches are passionate about the sport of swimming and committed to dramatically  improving the swimming ability of athletes in a fun and effective camp, clinic and personal instruction environment.

Their revolutionary teaching system breaks down swimming technique in the proper order, making teaching more effective and learning easier while providing for individual adaptation to best suit each athlete. Their state of the art personal training program utilizes training paces, optimal stroke counts and our revolutionary SCORE SWIM TRAINING® making preparation more fun, purposeful and effective.

Who can attend

2015 Training Day Swim Start
2015 Training Day Swim Start

Anyone from  beginner to advanced (whether registered or not for the 2017 Auburn Triathlon), looking to test the waters and courses either before race day or just out for a supported training day.

The cost of the clinic is $25 (+ $15 for one-day USAT insurance coverage if you are not currently an annual member*) for those registered for the 2017 Auburn Triathlon.

You can sign up for the Auburn Training Day when you register for the Auburn Triathlon or online through raceplanner.com.

Cost for those not registered for the 2017 Auburn Triathlon will be $40.00 (+ $15 for one-day USAT insurance coverage if you are not currently an annual member*).

*Everyone will need to purchase a one-day USAT license  ($15) or you must have a current USAT annual membership. The one-day USAT license you may have purchased when your registered for the race on Raceplanner will not count (USAT rules).

What is Provided

Mini Swim clinic and a marked swim course (may be modified from race day course) with Water Support  Kayaks paddle boarders and lifeguard
2 bike aid stations T2/Overlook and at mile 12.6 that you will hit 2x if riding the International and or World’s Toughest Half bike course. If you do ride the half be prepared to ride the 36 miles self supported beyond this aid station as there will be no more aid beyond that till you hit the same one on your return at mile 49.2.
1 run aid
at T2 this will service all race distances which you will loop thru if doing the International or World’s Toughest Half run courses.
Courses will be marked but not as well as it will be race day.
will be available
Aid station fuel
will host water Gatorade and or Hammer and gels (TBD) and fruit at T2. Again, those doing the half please be sure to carry enough fuel and water for those 36 miles without aid.

Where to Meet

Option #1 – You can either meet between 7:00-7:15 up at the American River Canyon Overlook which is T2/Finish and ride down to Rattlesnake Bar State Park which is what we highly recommend for that day as well as race day.  We will have someone there to lead you down the route we recommend you use race day.  If you do ride down you will need to carry all your gear down that you need to swim and ride so just like race day.  Swim gear and T1 gear.  We will haul it all up from Rat Bar to the American River Canyon Overlook for you.

Option #2 – Or you can meet at Rattlesnake Bar State Park 8:00 and park there but you will need to pay their day use fee of $15 (not sure yet) and then get yourself back down there at the end of the training day.  No shuttles.

Please wear thongs/sandals or something if tender footed as we will be walking down to the start on an non-maintained trail.

Here is a PDF that has a schedule and pertinent information you can print and bring with you.