An update on the 2019 Auburn Triathlon

Hello Auburn Triathletes,

Most of you are aware that we partnered last year for the 2018 Auburn Triathlon, but the partnership has since been dissolved so Tahoe Peak Endurance is now once again the sole race promoter.

Tahoe Peak Endurance (AKA Colleen and Joe), want to inform you that due to changes in our current work responsibilities we will be unable to promote the event and will be taking a hiatus for 2019 season. Joe and Colleen love the Auburn Triathlon, so this has been a very hard decision to make. We became the promoters of this grass roots event to try to keep it alive among all the Branded events and hundreds of other triathlons that are put on in the Northern California area.

If there is anyone out there who has the same passion for the Auburn Triathlon as we do and would like to “Save the Tri” please do not hesitate to contact us.

We apologize to those who count on this race every year to see how tough they are and we understand it might disrupt the momentum of an annual event, but sometimes hard decisions are the right decisions.

We appreciate everyone who has participated from those who did it only once and clicked it off their bucket list to those who counted on seeing if they were still Tough Enough year after year.

Joe and Colleen wish you luck in training for the 2019 triathlon season and of course wish you luck in any other triathlons or races you may participate in.

We will keep you posted on our future plans.

Colleen and Joe

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