International Aquabike

Come swim and ride!

The Aquabike is a great opportunity for those athletes who don’t like to run or cannot run an opportunity to challenge themselves in the other two disciplines. The Aquabike competitors will swim 1.2 miles and bike 56 miles . Once the bike is completed the Aqua athletes can call it a day, sit back eat lunch, drink a beer and cheer for their fellow triathletes who continue on to run 13.1 miles.

Enjoy the incredible beauty and challenge of this one-of-a-kind course in a convenient & hospitable town. We offer something different than bland routes with overcrowded fields common in our booming sport. Here you will enjoy a no hassles, grass roots feel, a true adventure into the Sierra and a focus on the athlete.

1.2 Mile (2K) SWIM

The first leg of the Auburn Triathlon, the swim, lies in a secluded cove near the eastern edge of Folsom Lake at Rattlesnake Bar State Park. Rattlesnake Bar State Park is located 7 miles downhill from the American River Canyon Overlook (T2 and finish line), at the very rear extended ‘finger’ of Folsom Lake where the American River feeds into the lake, furthest away from the Dam and Folsom Lake proper. You will swim in a small bay surrounded by steep canyon walls and natural beauty. Swimming one big loop in clean water that began as snow in the high Sierra and flowed into the North Fork of the American River.

This intimate venue has narrow shorelines surrounded by high canyon walls and as a result always calm water which will hopefully lead to a wind sheltered early morning swim.

You will be only seconds from a shoreline at all times and attended to at all times by a team of kayakers, paddle boarders and rescue boats in the water. You must wear your brightly colored swim cap throughout the swim to assist with your safety. The water temperatures can be brisk, but the clear water most likely will be in the mid 60s. The last couple years the water temperature has been 64-72. Wetsuits may be mandatory depending on the temperature.

Please see the Auburn Triathlon Swim Page for important information on Swimmer’s safety, prevention of swim related issues and how to prepare for a cold water start.

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56 Mile (90K) BIKE

New course coming soon….

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IMPORTANT Here you will deviate from the Half Bike course that leads into the transition and you will ride towards the finish line dismounting at a designated spot and walk your bike across the finish line, YAY!