Mini Triathlon

The Mini Tri (500M – 13K – 4K) is Auburn Triathlon’s version of a Sprint and provides an excellent novice challenge with diverse terrain, incredible scenery and virtually no car traffic on both the bike and run! The Mini Tri will be held in conjunction with the World’s Toughest Half, Auburn International Tri and the Long Course Aquabike events.

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Swim – 500M (.31 miles)

You will swim in Folsom Lake at Rattlesnake Bar State Park, 7 miles downhill from the American River Canyon Overlook, T2/ Finish.  Rattlesnake Bar is located at the very rear of Folsom Lake (furthest from the dam), where the American River feeds into the lake. Water temp on race day has ranged from 64-73 degrees the past seven years. You will swim in a small bay surrounded by steep canyon walls and natural beauty. The entire route is visible from shore and you will be attended to by numerous kayaks, paddle boarders, watercraft and lifeguards to ensure your safety. Please visit the Auburn Swim Page for general swim course description and important information on swimmers safety.  If a bit apprehensive of the swim attend our Training Day April 24th.  Boost Swimming will be conducting a mini open swim clinic offering ideas and suggestions on how to handle the swim.  This clinic will help build your confidence!

swim course

Buoys 1-2-7-8

Bike – 13K (8 miles)

Enjoy a beautiful ride on quiet roads with the first 6 miles closed to “thru” auto traffic on race day. (open to those that live in the neighborhood) The first six miles of the eight are entirely uphill from Folsom Lake (el. 460′) to Auburn (el. 1,300′), almost all at a mild grade, but there is one section of steeper switchbacks. Please be prepared with proper gearing and fitness to climb steeply on Shirland Tract Rd from mile 3.5 to 4.5. Mountain bikes are welcome.   Again,  test out your fitness and gearing at our Auburn Training Day April 24th.  When you reach mile 6 at Maidu Drive in the Auburn neighborhoods, you will enjoy a final two miles minimal elevation change to T2 located at the American River Canyon Overlook.  This is a great challenging bike ride for first timers!

Detailed Description

From Rattlesnake Bar State Park, Folsom Lake (el. 460′) exit T1 onto the park road heading to park exit gate. Stay RIGHT at traffic island or “Y” (mile 1.7) to remain on Rattlesnake Rd, following the signs to “AUBURN.” You will continue with a gentle climb and arrive at “Scott’s Corner” Feed Store, turn sharply RIGHT at a weird off set 3-way intersection onto Shirland Tract Rd (mile 3.3) (on your left at that weird 3-way intersection is the busy Auburn-Folsom Rd). Shirland Tract offers one mile of steep switchbacks at mile 3.5 to 4.5 thru country side neighborhoods with awesome views of Folsom Lake and Sacramento Valley before a brief roller coaster section and a final gradual push to the summit of Shirland Tract. (el. 1,300′). Once you summit on Shirland Tract you will begin a short quick descent down to Maidu Drive. Proceed with CAUTION and slow down on this short quick descent as you will be making a quick LEFT on to Maidu, racers have crashed here because they were carrying way too much speed. Turn RIGHT onto Auburn-Folsom Rd, going STRAIGHT thru at the Sacramento St. signal light (Maidu Market/gas station here). Continue on Auburn-Folsom Rd and turn RIGHT at the Pacific Ave. signal light. Follow Pacific Avenue to the American River Canyon Overlook/T2 and Finish. HEADS UP as this is where the Mini bike leg turns RIGHT into the American River Canyon Overlook to T2 and the International and World’s Toughest Half athletes continue to go straight on Pacific.  Do not keep following other bikers!  Know your route!

Run – 4K (2.4 miles)

The 4K run is on Auburn Triathlon’s most popular and favorite scenic routes through Auburn State Park. Enjoy the tranquility of a course primarily closed to auto traffic, affording stunning American Canyon views. The last 1.2 miles of the 4K loop follow a flat and shady awesome single track trail along a canal that meanders you back up to the finish. This 4K loop is the same loop the Half and International run on their second lap.

Detailed Description

The run will exit out of T2/Finish on the same courses of both the World’s Toughest and International. Heading down hill for approximately 300 yards you will come to a junction where the Half (WTHALF) will go straight onto the Western States Trail and both the International (INTER) and Mini will turn RIGHT. Signs will be posted there along with volunteers directing you to go RIGHT.  The trail contours around the Overlook and drops you onto a paved road (closed to traffic on some maps as Pleasant Ave) where you will then turn LEFT marked by signs and chalk.  Proceed LEFT on the roadway where you will descend 100′ into the park with awesome views. Continuing on this road you will come to another intersection where you will continue to go STRAIGHT on the paved road and the International athletes will go left. You will climb up 100′ to mile 1.3 located at the Green Gate, this is your one and only aid station on the course to enjoy refreshment. Just beyond the Green Gate turn RIGHT onto Maidu Ave. which is the very next right. In approximately 75 yards, turn RIGHT off the paved Maidu Ave. and onto the canal trail. Follow the beautiful cooling canal trail until you are directed either by sign, chalk or a volunteer to make a RIGHT down a slight hill crossing that same  paved road you ran down, (Pleasant Ave) onto a dirt/gravel trial which becomes a double track and heads left up onto Pacific Ave. Turn RIGHT on Pacific Ave and proceed approximately 100 yards where you will turn RIGHT into the American River Canyon Overlook, T2 area and onto the Finish line.  YAY!

The Run has a total ascent of 75 ft.